Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy day in space ...

Yep, with Columbus been attached to the ISS and a Proton successful launch, today was a busy day for the space geeks! I had the chance to watch a good part of the EVA and to see, live, the latest module added to the station been moved from the Shuttle cargo bay and positioned on its place on the ISS, it was a nice experience.

I was checking-up KSC imagery gallery today, and noticed a couple of picture of the Japanese module Kibo, to be installed in March. The Japanese contribution to the ISS is going to be installed in three separate flights. I was a bit surprise earlier when seeing these pictures, by the small size of it, but it was only one of the segment of it (the ELM). That's gonna make for some more interesting missions to watch. Things won't be the same anymore once the station is fully assembled and that all there is to see, is crew rotation ... :-\



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